Surface Marker Buoy: The essential gear for safe Diving

déploiement bouée de surface. surface marker buoy

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, using a surface marker buoy should be part of your best practices. Here’s why we believe it is essential for every diver to have their own buoy.

First and foremost, for safety. With the buoy, you are easily spotted whether you are underwater or on the surface. This greatly facilitates your recovery in case of drift diving. This buoy also allows other boats to see that divers are underwater, preventing them from speeding right above you. Once on the surface, you remain visible to your boat as well as to others. Underwater, the buoy helps you stabilize for your safety stop, especially if visibility is poor or if you have no visual reference around you.

These buoys are generally compact and lightweight. They take up little space in your luggage but can be extremely useful if, unfortunately, you find yourself alone on the surface waiting to be picked up.

Finally, they can also be useful when you are snorkeling or swimming in the ocean. Just like when diving, you will be visible to any passing boats and to people on the beach.

In short, the buoy is a small tool that takes up little space but proves to be indispensable for the safety of both divers and snorkelers. Even if you think you won’t need it, we highly recommend having one with you.

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