Cayos cochinos

When favorable weather conditions align, and a group of 10 divers expresses interest, we offer an extraordinary journey to the Cayos Cochinos archipelago. Situated between Roatan and the Honduran mainland, this cluster of small, uninhabited islands is a hidden gem.

For fortunate participants, this excursion frequently becomes the highlight of their week-long diving adventure with Grand Bleu. The itinerary includes exploring underwater seamounts in the heart of the ocean, followed by a visit to the Robinson Crusoe-like chain of islands. Enjoy some fishing on the return trip and conclude the day with a mesmerizing beach sunset!

Our package covers beverages, a picnic-style lunch, snacks, and the entrance fee to the Cayos Cochinos National Park.

Discover Roatan Island

Are you interested in exploring the island and venturing off the typical tourist paths? Grand Bleu Diving provides an exclusive afternoon excursion for our divers, offering a nearly private experience. Discover extraordinary locations with stunning and genuine island landscapes. For additional information, please inquire upon your arrival

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