Learn to dive


You’re not sure if you want to jump into a course and you want to test out (or try) diving first? No problem at all with this DSD program. Our instructors will supervise you while you create your first bubbles underwater. You’ll complete basic exercises to get comfortable before heading out to discover the marine treasures of Roatan’s reefs!


The popular Open Water diver course will earn you a certification that gives you more autonomy. After completing the theory component and mastering the exercises in the pool and in the sea, you’ll become a scuba diver that can dive to 18 meters (60 feet). You’ll learn the skills to dive safely and benefit from this certification everywhere in the world!

PADI – Open water diver referral

Can’t wait to get into the water? Do you want to get ahead and make the most of your time in Roatan to dive? Then the referral method is the best way for you! Complete your theory and pool components of the course at your local PADI dive center, then come and dive with us afterwards. Depending on your hometown, we can also refer you to PADI dive center near you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!