Advance your skills

PADI – advanced open water diver

Already a certified diver but looking to advance your diving techniques? Do you want to discover wrecks, marine life at night, and be able to descend safely down to 30 meters (100 feet)? The Advanced Diver course will meet your expectations! You’ll complete 5 speciality dives each with different objectives to improve your diving skills (Deep & Navigation dives are mandatory, 3 are your choice) and read a chapter on each to perfect your theoretical knowledge.

PADI – rescue diver

Do you wish to be able to react correctly during a stressful situation while diving, or to help your buddy appropriately? The Rescue Diver course will teach you how! You’ll learn how to respond to a diver in distress, how to prevent accidents, and how to act when faced with an emergency.

Enriched air nitrox

Don’t want to stop diving but you’re held back by your No Decompression Limits? For example, do you wish to stay longer on a wreck sitting at 30 meters? Enriched air nitrox can help! In recreational diving, oxygen content in your breathing gas can range from 21 to 40%. You will learn how to dive safely with this gas and can benefit from longer dives & shorter surface intervals.

spécialités PADI

We offer several PADI specialities with varying prices. To find out about the specialities that Grand Bleu offers, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.